Vintage US Army Medic Box w/ lapel pins,uniform patches,dog tags,manuals..etc.

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Vintage US Army Medic box w/ lapel pins, uniform ,  patches , dog tags , manuals etc.

Army Medic's Official US Army gear immaculately preserved in possible Army issue box {M3621} .

A vintage treasure trove of Army Medic's Official Memorabilia. Dates 1942 - 1952 


Field Box {M3621} 
Vintage sets of silver and gold "U.S" and Army Medic Caduceus
Vintage US Army Branch Tape Uniform Patch
Vintage set of 7 US Army Alaska Shoulder Patches-blue with white bear and star
Vintage set of 4 US Army Corporal Shoulder patches
Vintage set of 2 Dog Tags with stainless chain
Vintage US issue New Testament Protestant Version 1942 Roosevelt version
Vintage 1951 US Army Department of Defense Pocket Guide to Alaska - Korean War Era
Vintage Feb. 1949 Department of the Army Pamphlet 21-41 M-3523  Personal Conduct for the Soldier
Vintage June 1952 Department of the Army Field Manual M-3523 FM-21-12  The Solder's Guide Korean Era
Vintage Dixon Enduro Medium indelible pencil w/ metal cover 2096-D
Vintage Travel Mate manicure set in leather zipper carrier US Zone Germany

Vintage Nail Clipper and Soap Dish