Vintage Rare 5 Gal Sterling Motor Oil Co Can Gas Quaker State 1930's Graphics!

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Vintage Rare 5 Gal Sterling Motor Oil Co Can Gas Quaker State 1930's Great Graphics! looked all over the net couldnt find another one for sale!!!!    nice shape... was going to detail it up a little & decided not to... clean inside...not all dinged or dented!!!     

a sub of quaker state oil Pa Oil companies  a must for the rare oil can collector!!!

more than welcome to pick up at shop in butler pa & save shipping

have a bunch of other cans on other auctions... selling off a large collection!!

During World War I, Harry Crawford suggested Eastern Refining become the owner of a second marketing brand, Sterling Oil. Sterling Oil was created in the 1890s by P.J. Bayer to market the Emlenton Refinery?s output of ?Sterling? cylinder, engine and dynamo oil and miners oil around Erie and Western New York. The brand was not doing well, but Eastern Refining acquired it. In the next decade, the Sterling brand would be successfully used to market the gasoline produced by the enterprise. Sterling Oil was incorporated as a distinct Pennsylvania corporation in 1923. The firm had a chain of gas stations in Western Pennsylvania, Western New York and Eastern Ohio. Sterling Oil Co. of West Virginia, a separate business entity owned by the Ohio Valley Refining Co., operated a chain of gas stations in West Virginia.

At the end of the First World War, the partners in the Eastern Refining Company marketed the refining production of three refineries: the Emlenton Refinery, the old Independent Refinery in Oil City and the new Ohio Valley Refinery built in St. Marys, West Virginia by the Ohio Valley Refining Co. in 1916. The partners owned both the Quaker State and Sterling Oil brands. Eastern Refining had become a formidable regional confederation of individual marketing interests with a national brand. Samuel Messer managed Eastern Refining.

In 1923, the Eastern Refining Co. was liquidated and reorganized as a new corporation, Quaker State Oil Refining Co. The Quaker State Oil Refining Co. maintained its administrative offices on the fifth floor of the Chambers Building in Oil City.  last pics are a customers boat that used to haul for them in the 30's  and pics of it now....