Vint Electronics Desk Mic Motorola Fire dept Truck Dispatch Intercom Scanner VHF

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Vintage Electronics Ham Transmitter Desk Mic Motorola Fire dept Dispatch Intercom Scanner VHF? not sure exactly what it does, was out of the new castle pa fire dept, think its a radio transmitter or ham set for contacting trucks, plugged it in lit up, no clue how to work it, untested,   if you know what it is let us know & well edit the ad!

more than welcome to pick up at shop & save shipping.

guy sent us this info on unit....

I have some info for your item if you're still interested in learning more about it. It is a Motorola T1362A Remote Radio Control Console with Tone-Coded Dual Squelch and Private Line Desk Microphone. These units were connected to two-way radio base or repeater stations through phone lines and used DC currents to remotely control the radios. They were produced in the mid-to-late 1960's (the reference manual I have for these units was printed in 1967) and sold as part of Motorola's T1360A Series.

Your particular model appears to have several optional kit modules on board such as the Alert Tone Kit, Transmit Switch Kit, Intercom Kit, Private Line Disable Switch Kit, Clock Kit, and VU Meter. These options were not factory standard on the T1362 and may have been added in the field or at a later date. You would need an appropriate DC Remote Adapter to interface the unit to a base station or repeater radio, since the unit itself contains no transmitter or receiver.

Its a neat piece of history, hopefully this info helps!