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Betty Ross Whiskey Decanter Empty- can not sale full! 

missing bonnet top 

This is a 1975 Lionstone Whisky Decanter from the Bicentennial Series. The sticker on the front reads "Lionstone Whisky, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 86 Proof 4/5 Quart, Distilled in Bardstown, Kentucky by Lionstone Distilleries, LTD." The bottom marking reads "Original Lionstone Sculptured Porcelain 1975 L.D.L. Limited Edition." The hat comes off for the opening of the decanter. It stands a little over 10 inches tall. Label on back of base reads:"Bicentennial Series Betsy Ross 1752-1836"The first American national flag was made by Betsy Ross in her small Philadelphia home in 1776, during the early part of the Revolutionary War. Representing the 13 colonies, the flag was designed with 13 white stars arranged in a circle on a blue field and 13 alternate red and white stripes. A widow who supported herself by needlework, Mrs. Ross was commissioned to make the flag by a committee headed by George Washington. It was approved by Congress on June 14, 1777."This item came from an estate and appears to be in good shape.