Orig Art Auschwitz Concentration Camp WW11 Political prisoner Painting book 1946

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Orig Art Auschwitz Concentration Camp WW11 Political prisoner Painting book 1946


Paladji Osynka: Album of a Political Prisoner of Auschwitz, Munich, 1946
Bilingual caricature album in Ukrainian and English with preface by the artist, published by Hanns Lindner-Munchen 23. Soft cover with monochrome illustration of Auschwitz in green square.

Amongst those marked for extermination by the Nazi regime were individuals deemed politically dangerous, such as the author of this book of life in Auschwitz. A Ukrainian nationalist in eastern Poland after the joint invasion by Germany and the USSR in 1939, the pseudonymous Paladij Osynka was hunted by the Soviet and later the Nazi intelligence services. Captured and sent to Auschwitz, Paladij was one of only forty to survive the camp out of a population of 15,000 Ukrainian prisoners. While there, Osynka produced a number of sardonic sketches of camp life caricaturing prisoners and guards alike: according to the artist, the reality of life in the camps was too horrible to portray in naturalistic fashion and such nightmarish events could only be conveyed truthfully through satire. Paladij's experiences did not dim his ardor for a free Ukrainian state: in his preface to this album he dedicates his work to the Ukrainian people as a tribute to their suffering for their highest ideals.
8 x 6 in (20.3 x 15.2 cm) (1)

tried reading up on this, a real piece of history, told there were only 18 of these in the world, its written in polish & english, always liked war items, have been collecting, pin, badges, helmets, guns etc... for along time, old friend from high school came across this in my old hometown,  told it was from the guys great aunt, she was a nun, I remember in catechism elementary school one of the old nuns that taught another class a friend of mine was in had her sleeve up and she had numbers tattoed on her arm, word was that she escaped from a concentration camp during the war, think this was hers, cant remember her name but it always stuck with me, always wondered how she escaped, what horrors she saw, the cover is torn away (not sure how to reattach it) didnt want to read it as a book , its fragile, took pics of the pages to read it...  Really cant imagine people treating other people so cruel.... unbelieveable.... heres a short novel/satire from one that lived thru it....

saw one of these books sold thru bonhams auction in 2015.... have it in a plastic case to preserve it, time for someone else to own it.....