new Crate Flex Wave 15 one speaker amplifier Guitar Amp 120 volt 8" Speaker 3 Ba

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New crate Flex Wave 15 one speaker amplifier serial # (21)EGKDU81326 120 volt. This item is new. Great buy.

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info below from manufacturer.

The FlexWave 15 is a 2-channel guitar combo amp that gives you everything from crystal clean to raunchy distortion tones, thanks to Crate's FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp with patented Sequential Cascading Gain technology.

Its open-back speaker cabinet produces optimal 15W output for the 8" speaker. The stereo input allows playing along with your favorite songs, while a headphone jack lets you practice at any hour. Onboard 3-band EQ provides dynamic tone control, while the external output can power an additional speaker. This versatile combo amplifier weighs just 15 pounds, so you can literally take it anywhere.


2 channels 
15W Evolution 5 preamp
8" speaker
3-band EQ
CD/MP3 input
Headphone jack
External output