DIRT BIKE O-RING CHAIN 520x120 Bikemaster 9000 Tensile CRF YZF KXF RM RMZ

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Upgrade O-Ring Chain, 520x120 size by Bikemaster. 9000 tensile strength! CRF YZF KXF RM RMZ Dirt Bikes. Stronger & longer lasting.

Tucker Rocky Part #  19-4819

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Product information of the BikeMaster BMOR O-Ring Chains:

  • Upgraded Bike Master O-ring chain offers not only the industry's best value-price but also the highest durability.
  • Component designs optimized with computer analysis provide higher tensile strength.
  • Specially controlled heat treatment means tougher material
  • Reinforced roller offers higher impact resistance and longer durability.
  • "Round rivet head" offers superior rigidity over 2 or 4-point (quad-staked) riveting.
  • This new premium chain fits a wider range of machine applications.