7/8" Z BARS Twisted Motorcycle Handlebars Chrome Ape Hanger Triumph Honda 12"

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7/8" TWISTED CHROME Z BARS with 12" Rise

We've had a lot of requests for 7/8" twisted Z-Bars and now they're here! The twisted rise of the handlebar really sets them apart. For 7/8" risers or clamps, non-dimpled with an approximate measurements of:

Overall width 27"
Center width (riser/clamp area) 9" 
Rise 12"
Pullback 5.5" 
Handle area: 10" (each side)

A tough custom look. We've seen these on a few customer's Triumph's, BSA's and Honda's and they look perfect. The welds and finish are not perfect but it fits a certain look that we like here at the shop. We have the same bars in black with 12" rise and both black & chrome with 5" rise